You are not alone to lose money

The market is quite devious in its ways. One thing it has done consistently over several years is to separate the most people from their money.

So if you lose money and lose it heavily, never think that you are alone in the crowd to lose money. You are the crowd. You are like 95% people who have lost. Rest .4999% just manage to about to break even. And it is just .00001% people who make money in this market. These are the people with deep pockets.

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Learn from others mistakes

“Why should you have all the fun?”

Just got a call from a friend. He says, “Damn it. You play with individual stock all day.You give in to your animal instincts of gambling, taking risks, daring complexities. You are enjoying all the excitement. And you advocate us to do the opposite. Life is short and I want to enjoy all the fun.”

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Successful Investing Be Patient

Just don’t stand there, Do something. We have heard this so many times from our elders and this has inspired us to do great things.

When it comes to money, we also hear from people, “Just don’t let your money idle do something with your money.” Such kind of people if you see are the ones who have their own axe to grind and they are often middle men in this circus of money.

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Life Lessons Vs. Stock Market Lessons

Life Lessons as taught by our elders and Stock Market Lessons as learnt by me.

Life : Rise above the average.
Stock Market : Gunning for average is your best shot at finishing above average

Life : Don’t just stand there do something.
Stock Market : Don’t do something. Just stand there. Buy and hold for 20 years. Average in every 5 yearly dip.

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Aim for the average to stay above

Rise above the average.

We have heard this so many times over and over right from our early childhood days from our parents, teachers, superiors at work and so on.
Aim for the stars and you will at least reach the moon. This is another one of the most important lessons we have learnt in our lives.

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Can I Beat The Market

I spent large part of last 3 months in building a software that tracks and captures the stock movements on NSE. It runs every day and upload the data for each share, open, close, day high, day low, volume %, delivery %, 52 weeks high and so on. Another software in the background runs and analyses this data and throws up buy, sell, hold and average recommendations. It draws up its own candle stick charts.

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Stocks Due For Correction

Stock market is due for correction. There is no 2 ways about it. When will this happen? I can’t hazard a guess. Even if it happens, use the correction as a buying opportunity. Bulk up your portfolio when it happens as the long term bull view of the market is very much in tact.

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