Catch your own fish

Many people believe that you can only make money when stock prices go up. Market has tools like shorting futures, buying put options that makes it possible to profit from the downside as much as from the upside.

It is the time of the year where you can pick up most stocks at broken prices. Remember you have to pick up stocks of good companies with broken prices. There are lots of bad companies with bad stocks. There are also lots of good companies with bad stocks. An investor’s job is to figure out the difference, so they can identify a bargain.


You might ask if a stock like Bosch, Wockhardt, 3 M, Blue Dart, Gillette consistently do well, why should I look else where after all my brain is not hard-wired to diversify. Because eventually these stocks will get too hot, and your portfolio will go down in flames with it. If  you notice these stocks already are at their highest PE.

It is very easy to log in to your trading account and trade. The difficult part is researching the stock, looking for an opportune movement to buy and most importantly diversifying. I have seen that no one wants to do the difficult part. We are all looking for tips from some one to make quick money. In more fancy terms we want someone else to catch our fish. Guys, if you learn yourself how to catch the fish, you would never be hungry your entire life.

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